Reasons Why Landscape Architects Are Vital For The Best Landscaping Projects

When you are looking at Melbourne Landscape Architects for a project, there is a lot more than first meets the eye. We are often so narrowly focused on the end product of plants, grass, cement and stone that we forget to see the work of all the different groups who have touched it. 

What is a Landscape Architect?

A landscape architect is a trained professional who works with both the aesthetic and practical benefits of gardens and parks. They design, create, plan, and manage the growth process on natural, rural or urban environments. They will measure the project area to ensure it has enough sun, water and wind protection. With a concept in mind, they will then calculate how much soil is needed so that plants can be grown sustainably. Finally, landscape architects map out where benches, pathways and other landscaping features go.

  • Why Landscape Architects are vital for Landscaping Projects?

Landscape architects are specialists who design structures and spaces. These professionals create indoor and outdoor designs that people can live in, work in, and enjoy. Most landscape architects collaborate with other professionals to best meet the needs of their clients.

A landscape architect is a knowledge-based professional who specialises in environmental planning and simulation for the design of natural landscapes, agriculture, use of land as a canvas for human activity, construction or development plans for residential communities, urban planning and infrastructure projects, erosion prevention, nature conservation, risk assessment about natural hazard risks such as floods or earthquakes or soil analysis.

Melbourne Landscape Architects
  • What expertise do they need?

Landscape architects are different from architects because their focus is the outdoor experience. They need to consider how plants will mix in with the local climate. They need to understand drainage and soil composition, and thus they need years of education in horticulture and plant science.

  • What do they do?

Landscape architects work under the direction of the architect or design team to produce construction documents for the project site. They then pass along this information to contractors for bidding purposes. Their final services involve reviewing potential bids, making recommendations on scope work that needs to be done, and cost preliminaries and plans for approval by project sponsors.

  • How can Landscape Architecture Benefit a Business?

Landscape architecture benefits both the project’s clients and designers. Clients benefit because a landscape designer integrates the client’s landscaping ideas into the entire land, helping them maximise the enjoyment of their property. A well-done landscaping project has more curb appeal, leading to more deals. Designers benefit because they can do what they love while being paid well. They also enjoy the intrinsic rewards of creating something that will hopefully outlive them.

  • The Roles of the New Generation of Architects and Designers

Traditionally, the Melbourne Landscape Architects is involved with all the early stages of the project – from brainstorming to design and permitting. The style of landscape architecture evolves as often as tastes change. Landscape architects are currently focusing on merging their designs with technology to create outdoor living spaces and offerings better.

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